Aruba Airport introduces timed entrance to terminal

For flights to USA

Aruba Airport has introduced a system that means passengers are only allowed into the passenger terminal at specific times slots before departure.

Called “Passenger Flow Control” the system applies to flights to the USA. It means passenger are allowed to enter the check in facilities based on separate groups (Yellow, Blue and Orange) established by the scheduled airline departure times.

Passengers get a dedicated timeslot to enter the terminal as shown in this table:

The intention of Passenger Flow Control is to prevent passengers arriving too early at AUA Airport for check-in. Passengers will not be allowed into the check-in area more than 3 hours before departure.

AUA Airport will have staff at the entry doors to make sure no passenger gets in before their time slot. Anyone attempting to do so will have to wait outside for their time slot.

Aruba Airport says it hopes to better manage the processing of passengers at the different check points inside the terminal areas and also contribute to shorter lines and waiting times resulting in a much safer environment and better service levels for all passengers.

The system will be in place for the winter season from December 1, 2021, until March 12, 2022.

Self-service biometric kiosks

Instead of using either a passport or boarding pass, passengers proceed through all airport control points using biometrics. Passengers are checked using facial recognition cameras.

U.S.-bound passengers may now use APC kiosks (automated passport control) for customs control – available to U.S. passport & green-card holders, to Canadian passport holders, and to passengers from a visa-waiver country.

N.B. Image credit: Aruba Airport

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