Seychelles International installs biometric checks for arriving passengers

A new biometric system that screens arriving passengers has been installed at Seychelles International Airport on the island of Mahe.

Arriving passengers walk through a ‘tunnel or biocorridor’ that identifies them uses facial recognition, checks their temperature and determines their classification for handling.

Using facial biometric technology, the biocorridor verifies that each passenger matches an approved, valid Travel Authorization, and has successfully met all requirements for travel. In addition, a thermal camera captures each passengers’ body temperature.

The corridor means that passengers don’t have to stop at a camera to have their biometrics checked. Instead they walk through and are checked ‘on the fly’ by high definition cameras. They also keep on the masks.

The biocorridor features state-of-the art cameras and AI-powered biometric engines to match passengers to Seychelles’ database of authorized passengers. It claims to screen 30 passenger per minute.

Fully integrated with the Seychelles Authorities database, the system flags to the health officer on duty how each passenger has been categorised, based on the risk assessment conducted pre-departure. Passengers may be directed straight to immigration, sent for medical examination, or sent for quarantine.

Seychelles is the second country after the UAE to introduce a biometric corridor that checks passenger biometrics as they walk through. Dubai introduced a biocorridor in 2018.


The system was designed by Swiss-based Travizory.

N.B. Image credit: Travizory

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