WestJet trials biometric boarding at Calgary

All companies involved are Canadian

Canadian carrier WestJet has trialled a biometric boarding using systems only from Canadian companies.

The trial using facial recognition was on a WestJet flight from Calgary International (YYC) in the west of the country. Passengers boarded the WestJet flight using only their facial biometrics as ID.

Called Trusted Boarding, the trial demonstrated that facial verification technology to verify passengers’ identity before boarding a flight works.

WestJet is working with the Canadian Government to get full approval for its use as a safe and secure alternative for future WestJet boarding at Canadian airports.

How it works

It is based on a digital identity wallet in a smartphone app for IOS and Android.

Passengers upload their picture ID to the wallet.

At boarding, facial recognition cameras capture live biometrics of the passenger and check them with the app.

Passenger retain control of their personal information at all times, meaning they can securely share their verified personal credentials and revoke access when the data is no longer needed.


All companies, hardware and software in the trial are Canadian.

The digital identity wallet is from TELUS, the ID platform is from one37, ID document validation is by Oaro.

Hardware is from EMBROSS (previously IBM).

N.B. Image credit: WestJet

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