EVA Air’s new digital inflight library

More than 500 different publications in 31 languages

EVA Air  has introduced digital books, newspapers and magazines for passengers’ inflight reading throughout its global network.

The “EVA e-Library” service is available for passengers to download widely read newspapers and magazines on their mobile devices before boarding and after arriving at their destinations.

Content available to each passenger is based on their FQTV card tier or cabin class. The number of downloads can be extended indefinitely by making additional purchases. All EVA Air passengers can download other daily newspapers free of charge.

Until now, EVA offered passengers local newspapers and magazines, based on each flight’s origin, destination and routing. No more than 70 publications in Mandarin Chinese, English and local languages can be provided on individual flights. Daily newspapers are not available for some flights due to delivery limitations.

Using the EVA e-Library service, passengers can enjoy as many as 500 different publications in 31 languages, covering a wide range of topics with regularly updated selections.

An EVA Air passenger browses digital content on their own device [Image: EVA Air]

Passengers can download their favourite titles to their own devices from 48 hours before and 24 hours after scheduled departure.

As well as providing passengers with a tremendous amount of reading material, the EVA e-Library service aims to eliminate newspaper and magazine waste, save energy, reduce emissions and fight global warming.


The new service is provided by technology company Media Carrier, which provides passengers of airlines, cruise ships and guests of more than 1,200 hotels around the world access to digital press on their own mobile devices.

N.B. Image credit: EVA Air

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