Dallas airport has 7 foot tall SCOTs to check passengers wear mask

Dallas Love Field is using robots to check if passengers are wearing a mask or not!

Robots can be really useful in some parts of the passenger journey. They can gives answers to all sort of questions in many languages. They can carry your bags to bag drop. And they can even carry passengers to their gate.

But here’s an example of a use that might not be so popular.

Dallas Love Field airport has two 7 foot tall robots that are used to check if a passenger is wearing a mask.

The robots are called SCOTS. That stands for Security Control Observation Tower.

The SCOTS are being used near baggage claim and security checkpoints. If they find a passenger without a muzzle they give them a telling off.

If the passenger doesn’t obey the SCOTS and muzzle up, they’ll raise their voice and eventually call airport security or even the cops.

The two robots are currently on trial. They were installed a month ago to “determine if they are capable of efficiently supplementing current airport operations.” 

The SCOTS (Security Control Observation Tower)

The SCOTS are over 7’ tall and are capable of manning(?) and monitoring locations 24/7. They use four hi-resolution digital cameras that are positioned up high to see those non-muzzlers. The cameras are full-colour and always-on.

The company says they are a fraction of the cost of manned security personnel. And RAD’s new face mask detection system can eliminate the risk of confrontation and escalation that can occur when manned security monitors and enforces mask compliance. 

So they certainly meet the most basic requirement for any self-service – it replaces humans.

A hardy race the SCOTS. They can work outdoors as well. And if you pop them into the right place they can monitor and record human and vehicle activity. They have number plate recognition as well.

The SCOTs use a feature called SuspectSpotter that uses artificial intelligence to accurately detect people. They can perform a variety of actions based on location, time of day and day of week.


The SCOTS come from Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) is a high-tech start-up that delivers robotics and artificial intelligence-based solutions. The US-based company is wholly owned by Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc.

Image credit: RAD

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