China Airlines new IFE for its 737-800 fleet

Passengers can access the new IFE system with their own devices

China Airlines is introducing a new wireless inflight entertainment system on its fleet of twelve Boeing 737-800s.

Called Fantasy Sky Wireless Entertainment System, the system allows the airline to offer consistent inflight entertainment (IFE) across its fleet. It means that passengers will use the same system on China Airlines regional and long haul aircraft.

Passengers access the service with their own smart devices (phones, tablets and PCs). They can view free Hollywood blockbusters, selected Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese films, and popular music.

They can also browse in-flight publications such as China Airlines Dynasty magazine and Sky Boutique Duty-Free Shopping (though possibly not for long) or check flight information in real-time.

The new IFE system will also help China Airlines to move toward a more sustainable and digital cabin solution. For example, the airline can transition from printed duty free and inflight magazines to a complete digital and paperless cabin.


The Fantasy Sky Wireless Entertainment System comes from Barcelona-based Immfly.

Jeremy Chang, Vice President Corporate Development Office of China Airlines:

“The partnership comes at a time when passengers are looking to be part of a digital environment for a better flight experience. With Immfly we want to be at the forefront of this change and we are able to take the necessary steps for a much digital and sustainable inflight solution”

Maria Cardenal, General Manager Immfly

“The world is moving towards a complete digital ecosystem and at Immfly we aim at bringing disruptive digital solutions to the airlines. This partnership marks our first move in the Asian region and brings W-IFE for the first time in Taiwan with China Airlines. Immfly and China Airlines are both committed towards a digital and sustainable cabin and this partnership is a proof of the the commitment”

About China Airlines

China Airlines currently operates 12 737-800s [Image: Aero Icarus]

Routes: Multiple routes between Taiwan and Asia, Europe and the USA as well as domestic flights in Taiwan.

Fleet: China Airlines currently has a fleet of 63 passenger aircraft in service.

  • 5 Airbus 321neo
  • 22 Airbus A330
  • 14 Airbus A350
  • 12 Boeing 737
  • 10 Boeing 777

Alliance: SkyTeam

Passengers: Over 15 million in 2019.

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