MIA trials booked TSA screening times

Service is free during 6 month trial

Free reservation service available for American Airlines passengers

American Airlines passengers flying out of Miami International Airport can now book a TSA checkpoint screening time.

The airport is running a six month pilot with American Airlines where passengers can book reserved screening times at TSA Checkpoint 4 from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. and from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Reservations are limited and can be booked from 72 hours before a flight.

Appointments are available up to 60 minutes before domestic flights and up to 90 minutes before international flights.

The service is free during the trial.

How it works

  • Make the booking at  MIA Reserve by entering their flight details, party size and email address and choose a time slot.
  • Passengers receive an email and a QR code with the time slot
  • The time slots are valid 10 minutes before and after the specified time.
  • Go to Checkpoint 4 near Door 7 and show the checkpoint staff the MIA Reserve QR code

If a passenger didn’t book an MIA Reserve time before arriving at MIA, they can still make a reservation by using their smartphone to scan the QR code on the MIA Reserve signs at Checkpoint 4 and then setting up an appointment.

Anyone arriving more than 10 minutes past their appointment time must enter through the regular queue lanes.

MIA Reserve is only available for those without a trusted traveler program. All TSA PreCheck passengers flying American Airlines will still be screened at TSA Checkpoint 1 to receive their PreCheck benefits, such as not having to remove their shoes and electronics.

Other airports with time slots


MIA Reserve is a collaboration between the airport, security technology firm Pangiam, software company Copenhagen Optimization and secure identity platform CLEAR,

Kevin McAleenan, Pangiam CEO:

“MIA and American Airlines are leaders in innovating on behalf of travelers, so Pangiam is proud to partner with them on MIA Reserve to make the security experience more predictable. Together with CLEAR and Copenhagen Optimization, we’re deploying the best reservation system for airport security in the nation at MIA.”

N.B. Image credit: Miami Airport

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