CLEAR launches at Rhode Island T.F. Green International Airport

Passengers at Rhode Island T.F. Green International Airport’s (PVD) main terminal can now use the paid-for CLEAR service to jump the lines at security.

CLEAR has opened a number of its kiosks at the airport for

CLEAR Members use a network of dedicated lanes to verify their identity with their eyes or fingers, replacing the need to take out their wallet and driver’s license.

They do the biometric verification at CLEAR kiosks so the company has opened a number of them at PVD for its Members.

After verification, a CLEAR Ambassador escorts Members through the dedicated lane and directly to TSA physical security, saving them time waiting in line at the security checkpoint.

How it works

Passengers sign up for CLEAR by registering their fingerprints, iris and government-issued ID. They can do this online or at an enrolment centre at many airports.

At the airport, CLEAR members go to a dedicated CLEAR kiosk (they call it a pod) and scan their boarding pass. The kiosk/pod then verifies the passenger ID by checking their fingerprints or iris with those registered. No passport, driver license or other ID needed.

If all is OK, a CLEAR Ambassador escorts the passenger to the front of the TSA physical security line.

CLEAR and TSA PreCheck can work together

Passengers c an use CLEAR with TSA PreCheck for the fastest way through airport security.

CLEAR speeds up the travel document check process, TSA PreCheck speeds up the physical screening process.

By using both, passengers can get to the front of the Precheck line, keep their shoes on and keep stuff in bags.

55th CLEAR airport

Rhode Island T.F. Green is the 55th airport in the U.S. to offer CLEAR.

CLEAR already serves 8 of PVD’s top 10 domestic destinations, allowing Members traveling through PVD to use CLEAR on both ends of their journey.


CLEAR Plus – an opt-in membership that provides access to CLEAR’s expedited identity verification lanes costs about $189 annually – $16 a month.

Many passengers can get a better deal via Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Alaska Airlines and American Express.

Newly enrolling active military, veterans, and government officials are also eligible for discounted memberships, and additional family Members can be added to an existing CLEAR Plus account for $99 per adult per year.

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