Denver trials new service at off-terminal bag drops

Denver International Airport (DEN) has started a three month trial of a new feature at its off- terminal bag drops.

Any passenger at DEN can already their drop their bags and get a boarding pass before entering the terminal.

DEN has two locations where passengers can check-in and drop bags outside the terminal:

  • one for those arriving by car
  • one for passengers arriving by public transport

Drivers use the one on 75th Avenue near the Pikes Peak Shuttle Lot and passengers on public transport use the Transit Center near the RTD A-Line.

The pilot is a collaboration between the airport, CLEAR and Bags Inc (who operate the two existing bag drop locations at DEN). It allows CLEAR members to pre-book baggage before arriving at one of the two off-terminal bag drop locations.

During the trial, CLEAR members who pre-book checked baggage will find their bag tags and boarding passes ready upon arrival at either one of the existing locations. Members drop their bags using a priority bag check lane, and proceed to CLEAR’s existing expedited identity verification lanes at the security checkpoint.

The airport hopes the three month pilot will help reduce congestion at airline ticket counters and save passengers time and effort by allowing them to skip the check-in counter and the hassle of carrying luggage through the terminal.

The pilot is only for domestic flights on Alaska, United, American, Spirit, Delta, and Southwest airlines. Passengers have to check their bags a minimum of 90 minutes before a flight. Airline bag fees still apply and can be paid at all bag check locations.

DEN CEO Phil Washington:

“DEN is continuing to explore innovative ways to improve the passenger experience, and we’re excited to pilot this enhanced bag-check service in partnership with CLEAR and Bags.

“We hope this will encourage even more passengers to use our free bag check program and have a smooth airport experience.”

Clear is a registered traveler program that speeds up the document/identity screening process. Members verify their identities at touchless, biometric kiosks. After verification, a CLEAR Ambassador escorts members through the dedicated lane and directly to TSA physical security.

The standard price for CLEAR is $189 a year per person, but there are many ways to reduce that.

    N.B. Image credit: Denver International Airport / YouTube

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