Hilton is expanding on‑property messaging to entire portfolio

By the end of 2024, Hilton guests worldwide across the Hilton portfolio will have the ability to text for on‑property requests.

Late check-out, extra pillows and wine glasses are some of the examples Hilton guests can request via the text service.

The service is part of the chain’s commitment to support the growing need for frictionless travel and introduce easier ways for guests to engage with hotels.

Hilton is expanding its mobile messaging platform to its more than 7,000 Hilton properties worldwide.

The system enables messaging via the Hilton Honors app, SMS, WhatsApp and other messaging channels. The digital messaging system enables a two-way, immediate exchange between guests and hotel teams to answer questions, address concerns, arrange experiences and more.

Chris Silcock, president, Global Brands and Commercial Services, Hilton:

“At Hilton, we have had a long-term commitment to digitally transform the travel experience and create a more seamless journey for guests, from booking to billing.

“Travelers’ preference to communicate with hotel team members via their mobile device is growing. By expanding this capability to all of our hotels around the world, we are meeting our guests where they are and creating an elevated and reliable experience for every guest during their stay.” 

Hotels guests communication preferences

The digital expansion spotlights a dramatic shift in communication preferences for airline passengers and hotel guests.

As featured in Hilton’s 2024 Trends Report, 80% of people travelling expect to be able to easily integrate personal devices with on-property technology.

The first Hilton property launched with messaging in 2013. More than 40% of guests responded to the hotel welcome message.

Hilton gives these figures just for 2023:

  • 3,618 Hilton properties using the messaging system
  • there were over 10.5 million conversations with nearly 70 million messages
  • 70% of guests who used messaging indicating that it improved the overall satisfaction of their stay

Hilton digital innovations

Hilton’s mobile messaging is one the digital innovations the company has usccessfully introduced. Others include:

  • Hilton Honors Digital Key – downloaded more than 12.3 million times last year
  • Hilton’s Connected Room Experience – enabled for more than 17 million guests staying in the more than 135,000 tech-enabled rooms in 2023


Hilton developed the system in partnership with Kipsu, a software company based in Minneapolis, USA.

Chris Smith, CEO and co-founder, Kipsu:

“This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to offer guests an unparalleled experience, as well as working with our hospitality brand customers as long-term trusted business partners.

“Collaborating with Hilton enables us to bring our best-of-breed messaging solutions to a wider audience, ensuring that hotel guests across the globe enjoy a seamless and tailored experience.”

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