Birmingham plans add to case for no Heathrow expansion

Proposals to turn Birmingham Airport (BHX) into a European hub will be unveiled today.

Proposals to turn Birmingham Airport (BHX) into a hub carrying more passengers and handling more flights than Heathrow will be unveiled today.

The airport is setting out to quash the Government’s “infatuation” with Heathrow and the South East and stake its claim as an alternative gateway that can help alleviate London’s aviatioBirmingham Airport could overtake Heathrown crisis.

The airport will unveil details of a 50-year plan for growth when it submits recommendations to the commission examining UK airport policy.

The airport says Westminster should look beyond its own back yard and recognise that regional airports such as Birmingham can help solve the so-called “capacity crunch” in the South East, at little extra cost.

Birmingham will tell politicians before publication of the Government’s long-awaited White Paper on aviation that Birmingham airport is only 70 minutes by train from central London and journey times will be reduced to less than an hour within the next two years following rail upgrades.

Last months residents of the three boroughs most severely affected by Heathrow overwhelmingly voted against any Heathrow expansion.