Traditional video games aboard Gulf Air flights

Games created specifically for Middle Eastern passengers.
GF inflight entertainment has traditional Middle Eastern games
GF inflight entertainment has traditional Middle Eastern games

Gulf Air (GF) has become the first airline in the world to launch traditional Middle Eastern video games aboard its flights.

The six games include regional favourites of Tawle, an Arabian-style backgammon game, Basha, a popular regional card game as well as a modern creation, Moosiqar, which offers players a chance to create melodies with one of the Middle East’s oldest instruments, the ‘Oud’, using familiar and intuitive controls.

The new set of games, distributed by Ensemble Media, contain a sub-set designed by Quirkat, an independent Emirati multiplatform video games developer.

The Quirkat games were created specifically with the Middle Eastern consumer in mind.

Gulf Air’s acting chief commercial officer Ahmed Janahi said, “As one of the oldest carriers in the region Gulf Air has always tried to maintain links with tradition. Throughout its 63-year history the airline has become renowned for its traditional Arabian hospitality.Naturally therefore, when we discovered Quirkat’s new games offering we were delighted to offer them aboard for our passengers to enjoy.It’s an added bonus for Gulf Air and our customers that we will be the first airline in the world to provide these games while supporting a Middle Eastern game publisher at the same time.”

According to Ensemble Media managing director Daniel Harris, Middle Eastern regional content is an exciting distinction to add for an airline based in the region.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with Gulf Air and Quirkat to bring a compelling new option to inflight entertainment,” Mr Harris said.

Quirkat founder and chief executive Mahmoud Khasawneh said the company hoped to bring to Gulf Air travellers a whole new dimension of video games based on Middle Eastern themes.

“Our partnership with the experienced and passionate team at Ensemble Media is our biggest enabler,” he said.

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