Heathrow trials 3D displays before security checkpoint

Airport trials new way of showing what passengers can and cannot have in hand luggage.

London Heathrow Airport is testing auto-stereoscopic 3D display technology as part of a trial for assisting passengers through designated security check point areas.

Exceptional 3D at LHR security checkpoint
Exceptional 3D at LHR security checkpoint

The project has introduced the glasses-free 3D solution  to increase the eye-catching interest of passengers who pass through hand luggage security checkpoints prior to entering the boarding terminals.

The 3D technology, from Exceptional 3D, acts as a part of the security checkpoint process in an effort to reduce the amount of items that travelers have inadvertently packed in their ‘carry on’ which should be disposed of prior to boarding.

Basically it is a new visual way of showing what passengers can and cannot have in their hand luggage before entering the security area.

“We’re very excited to be working with Heathrow Airport in an effort to make traveling an even smoother experience,” said Matthew Young, Managing Director for Exceptional 3D Europe. “As our business requires us to travel like many others in the world we know and understand that there is a mild frustration when it comes to unexpected delays.”

Mr. Young finished saying, “It’s very rewarding to help make a positive impact on the daily lives of so many as they endeavor on their worldly journey’s through Heathrow Airport. It’s our expectation that this will not only improve the traveler experience but also help minimize delays at necessary and very critical stages of air travel.”

Airports, including Heathrow, have tried using Virtual Assistants to deliver the same information with limited effect. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the virtual assistants in these areas are virtually ignored. It will be very interesting to see the effect of this trial.

N.B: Image: exceptional3d.com