Transaero Airlines implements inflight connectivity programme

Russian carrier has added inflight connectivity to its aircraft.
Transaero has implemented its inflight connectivity
Transaero has implemented its inflight connectivity

Russian carrier Transaero Airlines (UN) has added inflight connectivity to its aircraft.  

Transaero was the first Russian carrier to provide  high speed broadband Internet and mobile communication services onboard its  aircraft for passengers in August 2012.

Today Transaero offers passengers the  opportunity to stay connected whilst flying on 14 of its long-haul aircraft,  including nine Boeing 747-400 and five Boeing 777-300 aircraft.

In addition to  the long-haul aircraft Transaero Connect service is available on two  medium-haul Boeing 737 Classic (Imperial and Business jets), which carry out corporate  flights.

In 2013 Transaero began installing equipment in  order to provide in-flight connectivity services on its Boeing 737NG aircraft.  Currently, eight Boeing 737-700 and Boeing 737-800 have been equipped with  wireless connection and two more Boeing 737NG aircraft are undergoing the  installation process. The airline will be able to significantly expand its In-flight  Connectivity offering in the near future.

Transaero’s aircraft are equipped with the  most advanced high-speed in-flight Internet access system currently available,  Ku-Band, based on satellite technologies and provided by Panasonic GCS (on  Boeing 747 and Boeing 777 long-haul aircraft) and Row44 (on Boeing 737-700/800,  and on Boeing 767-300) systems. Ku-band technology allows passengers to gain internet  access to check e-mail, view Web pages and use social media.
Ku-band system uses an 11.7-14.5 GHz frequency  spectrum and enables data transmission with 5 Мb/s speed.

Transaero will continue to enhance its  customer services and will carry on developing the Transaero Connect programme.  This year the airline will install satellite equipment on its long-haul Boeing  777-200 and Boeing 767-300 aircraft.