How passengers truly feel about Self Bag Drop

Six month pilot in Asia with Scan&Fly from Type22 shows passengers do like it

Dutch company Type22 has released the results of a six month trial of its Scan&Fly Self Bag Drop solution.

When we talk about improving the passenger experience, the term Self Bag Drop is often mentioned in the same breath. But, how do passengers really feel about Self Bag Drop? Type22 asked them. A six month pilot with Scan&Fly, the Self Bag Drop solution from Type22, in Asia was the perfect opportunity.

The result?

Passengers have fully embraced Self Bag Drop. 80% of the passengers would even prefer Self Bag Drop over of a traditional manned desk (including 5% that would prefer Self Bag Drop in case of queues). Self-tagging is often find the most difficult part of Self Bag Drop. But this doesn’t show. The passengers have rated the usability of the Type22 bag tag with an 8.

What passengers say…

For this pilot the Airport has chosen to test one-stop Self Bag Drop that offers passengers the best passenger experience because they can print and attach a bag tag and drop their hold baggage in one step. And that shows: They find Scan&Fly ‘Fast and Easy’ and rate Self Bag Drop with Scan&Fly with an 8,4 (out of 10). A small selection of passenger quotes: ‘We didn’t have to queue, it’s very good‘, The bag drop process is fast and easy’ and ‘I can save time and can enjoy my breakfast earlier.’

So Self Bag Drop really does improve the passengers journey because it is faster, and passengers no longer have to queue and thus spend more time on their breakfast, coffee, or to do a bit of shopping (and that is of course good news for the airports revenue..).

1-stop Self Bag Drop

This particular Airport was looking into Self Bag Drop solutions for a six month trial use of one-stop Self Bag Drop process, which means that passengers can both print and attach a bag tag and drop their hold baggage. The smart design enables Scan&Fly to fit on every existing airport infrastructure, utilizing the existing check-in desks and conveyer belts.

Video: The pilot

Video: What passengers say about Scan&Fly



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Type22 delivers baggage handling products for airports and airlines to make hassle-free baggage handling become the standard. The company’s products are simple to use and are designed to fit seamlessly into the airport environment. Type22 works with the complete process in mind, not just the product.

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