Ryanair to trial wifi, inflight entertainment

Will stream films and television to smartphones and laptops

Ryanair passengers will soon be able to watch movies and tv shows on their mobile devices during flights, with the airline planning to trial an onboard streaming service this summer.

The airline will also start trialling a wifi service later this year and it says it may offer both the new services for free, with them paid for by advertising.

The trial will stream films and television shows to customers smartphones and laptops on flights to holiday destinations this summer. It won’t be installing seat back screens on its aircraft though.

If it’s received well by customers, it could be rolled out across its fleet of more than 300 aircraft.

Ryanair is also hoping that the planned introduction of more sophisticated on-board electronic point of sale devices by cabin crew could help it increase its in-flight ancillary sales.

Ryanair chief marketing officer Kenny Jacobs also said the airline remains open to selling its near 30pc stake in Aer Lingus. British Airways owner IAG has made two indicative offers since before Christmas to buy Aer Lingus.

Mr Jacobs initially ruled out Ryanair ever flying to London Heathrow, but added that if IAG relinquished some takeoff and landing slots at the airport as part of a deal to buy Aer Lingus, then Ryanair would look at options. However, he said securing a 25 minute aircraft turnaround time at Heathrow would be challenging.

He also said Ryanair has tested turnaround times at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, and would consider flying to Paris Orly.

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