TripIt and CLEAR save passengers time

TripIt Pro members now have access to CLEAR

TripIt announced CLEAR as the latest trusted partner to join TripIt Pro’s VIP Benefits.

TripIt and CLEAR team up to save passengers timeThrough this partnership, TripIt Pro members now have access to CLEAR, a member-only program that gives passengers a fast and predictable way to get through airport security, at a discounted rate. With designated security lanes and dedicated airport staff from CLEAR, passengers are able to speed through security, often in five minutes or less.

“We are always looking for new ways to make a traveler’s life easier,” said Jugdeep Bal, senior director of business development for TripIt at Concur. “CLEAR has an excellent solution that makes one of the most stressful and unpredictable parts of travel, going through the security line, easier. By partnering with innovative companies, like CLEAR, we’re able to give travelers perks that will get them one step closer to experiencing ‘The Perfect Trip’.”

Through the VIP Benefits program, TripIt Pro members can now receive a free four-month CLEAR membership. Once registered with CLEAR, members simply head to the CLEAR security lane and swipe their CLEARcard. Then, they head straight into the security screening area-bypassing the crowds at the airport security line.

TripIt Pro members can also:

  • Become a CLEAR member at a discounted annual rate.
  • Share their CLEAR benefits with their family. Children can also use the CLEARlane for free (no card required) when traveling with a member.
  • Interact with friendly and knowledgeable CLEAR attendants-on the phone, online, or in the airport

“We are excited to partner with TripIt to offer benefits that help ensure the best travel experience from door to door,” said Jeff Freedman, vice president of partnerships at CLEAR. “The TripIt team is as obsessed with creating a stress-free travel experience for their members as we are, which makes this partnership a great fit.”

Activation is simple. TripIt Pro members sign up via their TripIt Pro account, and then register in person at a CLEAR enrollment center, available at all participating airports. The registration process takes five minutes and includes the CLEAR team verifying identification, and capturing fingerprint and iris scans. Once the membership is activated, the CLEARcard is sent in the mail and available for use on the next flight.

This partnership also gives CLEAR members access to a free three-month membership to TripIt Pro, the all-in-one travel organizing app that creates a master itinerary for every trip, allowing CLEAR members to access all travel plans in one place – any time, on any device. Plus, it sends real-time alerts for delays, cancellations and gate changes, tracks rewards points and miles programs, alerts travelers when a better seat has become available – and much more.