ACI announces 2014 Airport Service Quality Awards

Smaller airports get more of the top spots

Airports Council International (ACI), the trade association of the world’s airports, has announced the recipients of the 2014 Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Awards.

ACI announces 2014 Airport Service Quality Awards

The ASQ Awards are presented in four categories: Best Airport by Region, Best Airport by Size, Best Small Airport and Best Improvement.

The following airports represent the best in class for their respective ASQ categories:


Best Airport by Region

Mauritius (Africa), Seoul Incheon (Asia-Pacific), Keflavik (Europe), Guayaquil (Latin America-Caribbean), Amman (Middle East), Indianapolis (North America)

Best Airport by Size (grouped by passengers per year)

Guayaquil (2–5 million), Haikou (5–15 million), Seoul Gimpo (15–25 million), New Delhi (25–40 million), Seoul Incheon (over 40 million)

Best Small Airport (fewer than 2 million passengers per year) by Region

Upington (Africa), Langkawi (Asia-Pacific), Murcia (Europe), Culiacan (Latin America-Caribbean), Victoria (North America)

Best Improvement by Region (first place)

Mauritius (Africa), Kolkata (Asia-Pacific), St. Petersburg (Europe), Santo Domingo (Latin America-Caribbean), San Antonio (North America)

The ASQ Survey covers 34 key service areas and includes 8 major categories such as access, check-in, security, airport facilities, food and beverage, retail and more. All participating airports use the same survey questions, creating an industry standard set of responses that allows participants to track and analyze their performance, as well as benchmark results against airports across the globe.

As the industry’s most comprehensive passenger service benchmarking tool, the ACI ASQ Survey has reliably captured passengers’ immediate appraisal from check-in through departure at the gate at more than 300 airports worldwide.

“Airports are more than simply points of departure and arrival,” said Angela Gittens, Director General, ACI World. “They are complex businesses in their own right. As such, a focus on serving the passenger has become increasingly important to ensuring success. In the fast-changing landscape of worldwide aviation, ASQ is the key to understanding how to increase passenger satisfaction and improve business performance.

“At the end of the day, good business acumen comes down to a simple equation: better service, improved traffic and a healthier bottom line,” Gittens added.

The top ASQ performers for 2014 are as follows:

Best Airport by Region

1. Mauritius
2. Durban
3. Cape Town
4. Johannesburg
5. Nairobi
1. Seoul Incheon
2. Singapore
3. Beijing
4. Haikou
5. New Delhi
1. Keflavik
2. Moscow Sheremetyevo
3. Porto
4. Malta
5. Zurich
Latin America-Caribbean
1. Guayaquil
2. Quito
3. Cancun
4. Nassau
5. Santo Domingo
Middle East
1. Amman
2. Abu Dhabi
3. Tel Aviv
4. Doha
5. Dubai
North America
1. Indianapolis
2. Tampa
3. Jacksonville
4. Sacramento
5. Ottawa

Best Airport by Region (fewer than 2 million passengers per year)

Latin America-Caribbean
North America

Best Airport by Size

2–5 million passengers
1. Guayaquil
2. Mauritius
3. Ottawa
4. Nassau
5. Ahmedabad
5–15 million passengers
1. Haikou
2. Sanya
3. Hyderabad
4. Tianjin
5. Changchun
15–25 million passengers
1. Seoul Gimpo
2. Wuhan
3. Hangzhou
4. Cancun
5. Tampa
25–40 million passengers
1. New Delhi
2. Taipei Taoyuan
3. Chongqing
4. Shanghai Hongqiao
5. Mumbai
Over 40 million passengers
1. Seoul Incheon
2. Singapore
3. Beijing
4. Shanghai Pudong
5. Hong Kong

Best improvement

St. Petersburg
Latin America-Caribbean
Santo Domingo
Middle East
North America
San Antonio