ACI app gives passengers info about health measures at airports

Helps passengers prepare for their journeys

Airports Council International (ACI), the trade association of the world’s airports, has launched a new smart phone app which provides passengers with information about the health measures in place at individual airports around the world.

The Check & Fly app provides a way for airports to communicate to passengers directly about what to expect when they travel. This should help passengers meet any requirements and help make their making their journeys smoother and more efficient.

The app will help passengers stay up to date with airports’ response to COVID-19 and health and safety measures using,

ACI developed the Check & Fly app in partnership with its members.

To start with it is only available on the the Apple App Store. ACI gives no information why it is only on Apple and if/when it will be available elsewhere.

ACI Web portal

ACI is developing a web-based portal that passengers can use to directly access information about measures in place at individual airports.

Once completed, airports will provide information directly into the service via a web-based portal which can be accessed by passengers through the web (or the app).

N.B. Image credit: ACI / Apple

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