Swedavia signs general agreement with Gunnebo

Will work together on self-service security checks and boarding

Swedavia has signed a general agreement with the Gunnebo Security Group for delivery and installation of solutions that automate and streamline the flow of passengers.

Swedavia is a state-owned group that owns, operates and develops ten airports across Sweden, including Stockholm Arlanda, Gothenburg Landvetter and Malmo.

In building the airports of the future and in order to deal with anticipated growth in passenger volumes, Swedavia will invest in solutions that make it quicker and easier for passengers to identify themselves when going through security checks and boarding aircraft.

This is also part of the Self Service initiative under way at Swedavia’s airports to improve the passenger experience.

The full scope of the agreement is worth a minimum of 30 MSEK (USD 3.4 million).

Swedavia has been investing heavily in self-service technology. In the past few months the airport company ordered self bagdrop units from Norwegian company DSG Systems for Gøteborg, Stockholm Arlanda and Malmo.

Michael Persson Gripkow, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer at Swedavia:

“We are constantly working to improve the experience for the 35 million passengers who visit our airports every year. Consequently, we place strict demands on our suppliers. Gunnebo’s experience of other similar projects around the world is an important factor in this collaboration.”

The full list of Swedavia airports is:

  • Stockholm Arlanda (ARN)
  • Göteborg Landvetter (GOT)
  • Bromma Stockholm (BMA)
  • Malmö (MMX)
  • Luleå (LLA)
  • Umeå (UME)
  • Åre Östersund (OSD)
  • Visby (VBY)
  • Ronneby (RNB)
  • Kiruna (KRN)

Per Borgvall, President and CEO of Gunnebo:

“Gunnebo today is a supplier of solutions that increase security and improve the flow of passengers for airports in many parts of the world. We look forward to being a partner to Swedavia in the process of designing the airports of the future in Sweden.”

The Gunnebo Security Group, based in Stockholm, is a worldwide leader in security products, services and solutions.

For airports their products include self-service solutions for pre-security gates, self-boarding gates and automated border control egates.

Earlier this year, The Swedish government announced its decision to study the possibility of introducing US preclearance at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The announcement means that Sweden could become the second country in Europe, after Ireland, to conduct an immigration and customs check on passengers to the US upon their departure. Today almost 500,000 passengers fly from Sweden to various destinations in the US.

US preclearance means that US immigration and customs inspection is carried out when a passenger departs from Stockholm instead of upon arrival in the US. The benefits include a better passenger experience, a smoother arrival in the US and the potential to attract new non-stop routes to the US.

N.B. Image credit: Swedavia

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