Londoners say Gatwick should expand not Heathrow

YouGov poll shows 46% want Gatwick runway, a mere 35% support Heathrow

Almost half of Londoners (46%) want Gatwick to build a new runway, rather than Heathrow (35%), according to a YouGov poll of Londoners.

Highlights of the poll include:

  • 46% of Londoners want Gatwick to build a new runway, 35% support Heathrow
  • Gatwick came top in eight out of nine indicators
  • Question on financial compensation for local residents generates biggest response
  • Major concerns expressed over Heathrow’s plans to tunnel the M25 and introduce a congestion charge
Londoners say Gatwick should expand not Heathrow
Improving transport access to Heathrow could cost taxpayers £20 billion

Generating the biggest response was the question on households affected most by airport expansion receiving financial compensation, with 82% saying this was important.

On this issue, and as part of its package of community measures, Gatwick has pledged to pay the yearly council tax of those most impacted by noise if it expands, something it can afford as it would affect 5% of the population number impacted by Heathrow expansion.

More than seven in ten (71%) of those YouGov surveyed also said that changes to the M25 that could cause major disruption was an important issue in the runway debate. Similarly, 72% said the introduction of a congestion charge to drop off or pick up people by car was important.

To improve understanding on these road transport issues, Gatwick has also today published ‘The Road to Nowhere’, which outlines Heathrow’s complex plans to tunnel the M25, widen the M4 and introduce a congestion charge – should it expand.

Gatwick came top in eight areas:

  • How quickly a new runway could be delivered
  • Negative impact on quality of life for local residents
  • Built at lowest cost to taxpayers
  • Air traffic over London
  • Encouraging vigorous competition between airlines and airports
  • Certainty the new runway can be delivered
  • Impact on natural environment
  • Regeneration benefits to local area

Stewart Wingate, Gatwick CEO, said:

“As we near the election, Londoners have made their views clear and chosen Gatwick as their preferred location for a new runway.

“This survey also highlights the issues that Londoners think are important in this debate, with financial compensation for residents most impacted a top concern.

“We agree, which is why we will pay the council tax of residents most affected, something Heathrow can’t begin to do as noise would impact almost twenty times as many homes if it expands.”

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