Incheon launches first Self Bag Drop in South Korea

The new self bag drop system is available for passengers with Asiana Airlines and Korean Air, that have checked-in online or at a CUSS kiosk.

Incheon International Airport Company has installed self bag drop from Type22.

The new self bag drop system, called Scan&Fly, is available for passengers flying with Asiana Airlines and Korean Air, that have checked-in online or at a CUSS kiosk.

New-Fit Scan&Fly for fast and easy baggage drop-off  
With Self Bag Drop from Type22, passengers no longer have to wait in line at conventional check-in counters. They simply scan their boarding pass and attach the bag tag to the baggage themselves. The bag will then automatically be measured, weighed, scanned and transported into the baggage handling system.

At Incheon International Airport Scan&Fly is integrated into a housing with glass front door and fully automated scanners for a safe and easy baggage drop-off. The housing is provided locally and is a hybrid solution that enables the desk to be used in either automated Self Bag Drop mode or in the conventional manual mode. The Self Bag Drop project has been delivered through a close collaboration between IIAC and SK Telecom, in cooperation with G-antech and Type22.


In October 2015 more Type22 Self Bag Drop units will be available for passengers from multiple airlines.

Seong-kag Hong, Vice President, Operation Division:
“By introducing South Korea’s first Self Bag Drop service, we complete a fully automated departure process that includes self check-in, Self Bag Drop and auto immigration gates. We can strengthen our position of ‘smart airport’ by enhancing our operational efficiency, providing passengers a fast and unique service.”


Self Bag Drop from Type22 has installed at more than 15 airports worldwide.

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