Finavia self bag drop from Type22 at third Finish airport

Turku Airport is the third airport in Finland to offer Type22 Self Bag Drop service to passengers flying with Finnair.

Finavia has added self bag drop at a third Finnish airport to help enhance the passenger experience.

For over a year passengers at Helsinki and Oulu have been able to tag and drop their baggage without assistance, provided that they have checked in online or at a self-service check-in kiosk.

Finavia has now  introduced the system at Turku.

How it works

Turku uses the two-step system:

Step 1: The passenger checks-in:

  • check-in (online or at a kiosk)
  • boarding pass print (online or at a kiosk)
  • attaches the baggage tag printed at the kiosk

Step 2: The passenger drops the bag

  • The passenger puts the bag on the conveyer belt at Scan&Fly
  • The passenger scans the bag tag using a hand held scanner, and the bag is ready to go

Johanna Bagge, Director Customer Service at Finnair:

“Customers are accustomed to handling many stages of their journey independently. Self-service check-in, for instance, is already used by over 80% of Finnair’s customers. Dropping off baggage at a self-service bag drop unit reduces the customer’s queueing time at the airport and speeds up the start of the journey,”


Self Bag Drop from Type22 is installed worldwide at more than 15 airports, and is used by passengers of more than 35 airlines.

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