Frankfurt’s Check-In to Gate Service

Fraport's Check-In to Gate Service performs the entire check-in process for up to four passengers flying together. Check-in, Bag Drop and Security.

Passengers at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) can get to their plane even faster and more comfortably thanks to Fraport’s new Check-In to Gate Service now being offered at the airport.

With this service, passengers at Germany’s largest aviation hub are picked up at a pre-agreed meeting place in the terminal by a trained service assistant who takes care of their bags and the check-in process for them.

Next, the service assistant escorts the passengers through a separate security checkpoint and, if necessary, through passport control.

To provide an exclusive transfer service a chauffeured luxury limousine is available to bring the passengers across the apron directly to the departure gate.

The service costs 85 euros for up to four persons traveling on the same flight. Passengers can take advantage of FRA’s Check-In to Gate Service, regardless of their airline and booking class. Reservations must be made at least 48 hours before departing from FRA.

Bookings at shorter notice may be possible upon request. Cancellations are only free of charge up to 24 hours before the arranged time and date.

How it works

  • Passengers book the service at least 48 hours in advance.
  • They say how the are arriving at the airport and agree a meeting point.
  • The passengers give all required documents and luggage to the service staff.
  • The service staff then take care of all check-in and bag drop.
  • The service employee returns the documents to the passengers together with the boarding passes and bagtag receipts.
  • The Fraport staff escorts the passengers through a separate security checkpoint (bypassing the usual lines) and, if necessary, the general passport check.
  • Passengers then board as normal.

The Check-In to Gate Service at Frankfurt Airport is part of the “Great to have you here!” service quality program launched by Fraport AG (the owner and manager of FRA) with the goal of continually enhancing the travel experience at Germany’s largest aviation hub. Other services under this program include the Frankfurt Airport App 2.0 and free 24-hour Wi-Fi Internet access offered in the passenger terminals.

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