American Airlines launches live baggage tracking service

Passengers can track their baggage from check in to the collection.

American Airlines has launched a new feature that allows passengers to track their baggage from check in to collection at the carousel.

Passengers will be able to track their bags in real time using American’s website for all domestic flights, or on international flights where American Airlines, not a partner, is the final carrier to the destination.

To use the tracking service, passengers visit the “Track Your Bags” page on the American Airlines website and input their name and record locator or bag tag number.  They can then to see exactly where their bag is from point of check-in to the baggage carousel.

Delta and US Airways (now part of American Airlines) were among the first to let passengers follow the status of their bag.

Air France-KLM has also developed a bag tracking solution with permanent, reusable electronic tags that are affixed inside and outside the bag.

Before year’s end, the Tumi Global Locator tracking device is also set to hit the market. The smartphone-enabled app allows passengers to follow the status of their bag regardless of airline.

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