Boris on airports – Let’s not bodge it!

Mayor of London reminds ruling Tories of his four-runway airport.

The opposition to a third Heathrow runway is making its impact.

Boris Johnson, the twice elected Mayor of London, reminded the UK Prime Minister today that a third Heathrow runway is not the answer to UK aviation problems.

Boris, who is expected to be one of the leading candidates to succeed David Cameron as leader of the Tory party, said in reference to runways in his speech today at the Tory conference:

If we are going to build new airport cpacity, let’s not bodge it with one runway in the wrong place in a short-termist and environmentally disastrous solution. Do the job properly!

His comments got the largest cheer of the day.

What he means is that London should build a new four runway airport with no restrictions to the east of the city.

This was a clear message to Cameron and Osborne, the UK finance boss who is championing Heathrow, that there is a better option and that Heathrow expansion is unacceptable and undeliverable.

Zac Goldsmith

Zac Goldsmith, the Tory candidate to succeed Mr Johnson as Mayor of London, didn’t mention Heathrow directly in his first major speech.

Mr Goldsmith, like Mr Johnson, is totally opposed to a third Heathrow runway and is one of the leaders against Heathrow.

Perhaps in his first big speech he was ‘advised’ to avoid the subject. But many of his supporters are disappointed and concerned that he did not at least mention the subject that so far has defined him.

His speech included comments like, “no case for ignoring local opinion” and people have “no control, no say over what is built in their backyards.”

Mr Goldsmith sat beside David Cameron to watch the speech by Boris Johnson.

Surprisingly, Mr Goldsmith gave no media interviews after his speech, causing further concern amongst his supporters.

It has always been thought that Mr Goldsmith is immune to any political pressure as he is the richest MP. He inherited a huge fortune, apparently about £300 million.

There are doubts about him and all eyes will now be on him at the anti-Heathrow rally this weekend.

David Cameron Promise

The problem for Mr Cameron has always been thought to be that he would have to do another policy u-turn to support a third runway as he famously said at a meeting in Richmond in 2009,

flaws in Airports Commission economic arguments

David Cameron: ‘“The third runway at Heathrow is not going ahead, no ifs, no buts” – Richmond, 21 October 2009

David Cameron made that commitment to get the support of Richmond, a seat he had to win and because the potential MP for Richmond was sitting beside him – Zac Goldsmith.

EDITOR: I was sitting about five metres away and looking directly at David Cameron when he made that pledge.

Rally against Heathrow Expansion

On 10 October there is a huge rally against Heathrow expansion led by the Coalition Against Heathrow Expansion called No 3rd Runway.

The leading members of which are Zac Goldsmith MP and Boris Johnson MP.

This campaign is run by the Coalition Against Heathrow Expansion:

  • Adam Afriyie MP
  • Ruth Cadbury MP
  • Zac Goldsmith MP
  • Kate Hoey MP
  • Boris Johnson MP
  • Tania Mathias MP
  • John McDonnell MP
  • Andy Slaughter MP
  • Wandsworth Council
  • Hillingdon Council
  • Richmond Council
  • Kingston Council
  • Windsor and Maidenhead Council
  • Richmond Heathrow Campaign
  • Teddington Action Group
  • Greenpeace
  • Friends of the Earth
  • Stop Heathrow Expansion
  • Ealing Aircraft Noise Action Group
  • Communities Against Increased Aircraft Noise

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