Norwegian offers live TV on European flights

Passengers can watch live TV using Norwegian’s free inflight WiFi.

Low-cost airline Norwegian today became the first airline to offer live TV on board European flights.

Passengers using Norwegian’s free inflight WiFi can now watch Bloomberg Television and Norway’s TV 2 News live on the airline’s fleet of 87 WiFi equipped aircraft.

Bloomberg will be providing the international news on board.

News in Norwegian will be provided by TV 2 News, Norway’s only news channel.

The new service was launched today on a flight from Oslo to Berlin and will be available on flights from the UK to 29 destinations around Europe.

Norwegian passengers departing Gatwick, Edinburgh, Birmingham or Manchester for Europe can watch live TV using their handheld device by connecting to the free WiFi available on board.

Norwegian is the first airline in the UK and Europe to offer inflight WiFi on its brand new Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

Bjørn Kjos, Chief Executive Officer at Norwegian said:

“We’re very excited to be the first airline in Europe to offer live television on board. Introducing Bloomberg Television and TV 2 News to our passengers opens the door to more content choices and a better overall inflight experience. By offering free Wi-Fi combined with complementary live television, we are setting the stage for a passenger experience like no other in the sky.”

Adam Freeman, Managing Director, Bloomberg Media, EMEA said:

“Allowing travellers across the continent to follow the very latest market-moving stories live on Bloomberg Television while in the air will enable them to reach their destinations fully informed and primed or their day.”

Live TV on board is provided by Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE), a worldwide provider of aircraft connectivity systems, operations solutions and media content to the travel industry.

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