JetBlue installs sleep pods for passengers at JFK T5

Passengers can have a brief rest before boarding their flight

JetBlue has installed napping pods at the JetBlue Terminal 5 concourse inside New York’s JFK Airport.

The four new JetNap EnergyPods offer passengers a chance to recharge and overcome travel fatigue with a free 20-minute “JetNap”.

The pods are available free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis.

JetBlue is the first commercial airline to introduce the EnergyPods to U.S. passengers.

Similar pods are already available at  Toronto’s Pearson Airport and the Aspire Lounge at London’s Luton Airport.

The pods feature built-in speakers with soothing rhythms to reduce background noise and passengers can also plug in their own headphones. There are internal storage bins to secure personal items and passengers are awakened with a combination of lights, music and vibration.

Icema Gibbs, director corporate social responsibility:

“At JetBlue, we are always focused on making the most comfortable experience for our customers, both on and off the plane. We are thrilled to be the first commercial airline to bring EnergyPods to our terminal and give customers the chance to nap, recharge and reenergize so they can leave feeling refreshed to take on whatever journey awaits them.”

Christopher Lindholst, CEO of MetroNaps:

“JetBlue has always been an innovator and disrupter in the airline industry, so it’s not surprising they are the first airline to start paying attention to and improving how their customers feel after the flight, helping them to show up something other than travel-weary. “We’re excited to partner with JetBlue and be a part of the first project of its kind to provide this much-needed service to travelers in the U.S.”

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