Air France passengers can finish movies after the flight

‘Cinema To Go’

Air France is offering passengers the opportunity to watch or finish watching a selection of films which have won awards at the Cannes Film Festival during and after their flight.

Called Cinema to Go, the service is available on certain flights from Los Angeles to Paris-Charles de Gaulle from May 7 to 21, 2016.

A fair number of passengers on those flights will probably attending this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Passengers can watch or finish watching their film after their flight on tablet, smartphone or PC with a gift code offered by the Company.

They can choose a movie from the “Cannes Film Festival” selection available on board such as The Pianist, which won the Palme d’or in 2002, Persepolis which won the Jury Prize in 2007, The Artist, winner of the Best Actor Award in 2011, The Angels’ Share, winner of the Jury Prize in 2012 and many others.

The service will celebrate Air France’s 36 years of partnership with the Cannes Film Festival.

In addition, in May, Air France is offering all its customers the chance to see this unique selection of winning films at Cannes aboard its long-haul flights.

Air France offers up to 1,200 hours of programs on demand, available immediately after boarding and up to arrival at the destination airport.

It includes a selection of recent comedies, dramas and action films, animated films and cartoons.

There is also a selection of feature films shown in their original language. Some films are available in up to ten languages, including Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

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N.B. Image credit: Air France

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