TravelersBox launches new kiosks at Narita

Baidu Wallet being added to all kiosks

Passengers leaving Narita International Airport in Japan can now exchange their leftover currency for digital currency.

TravelersBox has launched new kiosks at Narita that will be followed by more than 6 other airports by the end of 2016. The new kiosks are joining the already successful operation in Manila airport in the Philippines.

The kiosks allow passengers to deposit foreign currency in a PayPal account, make a donation to a number of different charities or to buy an e-gift card for websites and online services.

By the end of 2016 more than 40 kiosks will be launched in Asian airports allowing passengers to deposit their leftover foreign coins into their preferred online accounts via TravelersBox

The company also introducing a new series of products and services, tailored to the Asian market, in all of TravelersBox kiosks around the world.

Baidu wallet is the first solution out of a series of offers that are created specifically for the Chinese market – the largest traveling population in the world.

Tomer Zussman, co-founder and CEO of TravelersBox:

Asia is a thrilling market for TravelersBox. With the high frequency of traveling from and to Asia, the range of different nationalities and currencies and the innovative environment, it’s only natural for us to expand our services and collaborations there.

“TravelersBox is always looking for the best solutions for our travelers. For the Asian market we’ve given specific attention for each of the local travelers’ nationalities. Solutions such as Nets Flash Card for Singaporeans, Lazada for the South East Asian travelers and more, will soon be available in the TravelersBox around the world.”

TravelersBox currently operates airport kiosks in Philippines, Italy, Turkey, Georgia, Israel, Canada and Japan. In each country the machines accept the local currency and other popular currencies in the area.

A complete list of airports with TravelersBox kiosks can be found at

N.B. Image credit: TravelersBox

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