Misleading Heathrow advert – again

4th misleading Heathrow advert

Yet another Heathrow advert is ruled as misleading.

For the fourth time in just over a year the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled that a Heathrow advert is misleading.

This time, the ASA said  that a Heathrow claim in July 2016 that  “A majority of MPs support Heathrow expansion” was misleading.

To avoid negative publicity, Heathrow agreed to make the required changes to the advert and the case was informally resolved by the ASA.

This is the fourth ruling in 18 months against adverts claiming support for Heathrow expansion.

The three previous rulings against Heathrow were:

  • An advert from Heathrow’s lobby group Back Heathrow which said: “Most people living in communities near Heathrow Airport support its expansion”
  • A pro-expansion ad from Heathrow  claiming: “Those around us are behind us”
  • Claims by Heathrow that: “UK business trade 20 times as much with countries where there are daily flights than with those with less frequent or no direct service.”