Schiphol releases new website and app

Nearly three million people use the Schiphol website and app each month

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has introduced its new website and app.

The airport says it hopes to provide each passenger traveling via Schiphol with the most personalised experience possible.

By applying smart technology, the airport intends to improve the travel process and offer passengers greater insight into and control over their flights.

Nearly three million people use the Schiphol website and app each month. The website and app have undergone a complete overhaul. In addition to the updated appearance, the latest technology has also been used, resulting in significant improvements in speed and ease of use.

Personal travel buddy

The new Schiphol app is meant to be a digital airport assistant: an essential travel buddy for frequent visitors to the airport.

The app will send you a message if your flight has been delayed, for instance, or if your gate changes. It will also allow a passenger to easily see where he or she is at the airport, and where there is a chance to grab a quick cup of coffee before the boarding process begins.

The app also offers an option to chat with an airport employee.

Christa Bakker, Digital Airport Programme manager:

‘Schiphol wants to offer passengers the most personalised experience possible. We offer tips for your journey based on flight information. Only when you’re travelling to the U.S., for instance, will you be shown information about the ESTA form. For all flights, you’ll see which shops you can get to before your flight, or whether there will be an opportunity to buy that charger you forgot to bring after going through security. Soon, you will also be able to see what the best time to go through security is.’

N.B. Image credit: Schiphol

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