Bologna Airport gets ABC e-Gates

Biometric checks will use facial recognition to process EU passengers

Bologna’s Guglielmo Marconi Airport is to add automated border control e-Gates to help speed up the arrivals process.

The new service is available to passengers from the European Union who hold a biometric passport.

The ABC e-Gates use facial recognition technology to confirm that the passenger is the passport holder. They check that the passenger has a valid passport and is authorised to enter Italy. Fingerprint verification is also available when required.

The ABC e-Gates come from SITA who say the gates have an average processing time of under 20 seconds. More than 10,000 passengers a day should be able to clear immigration at the airport using this latest technology.

In 2016 Bologna Airport was the fastest-growing airport among Italy’s 15 busiest airports, with more than 7 million passengers last year.

Nazareno Ventola, CEO of Aeroporto di Bologna:

“Today passengers increasingly demand more self-service options across their journey that help provide a quick and seamless journey through the airport. SITA’s ABCGates help us meet this demand while ensuring we can accommodate an increasing number of travelers, particularly during peak arrival periods.”

Dave Bakker, SITA President, Europe:

“Not only do passengers value the convenience of self-service technology but it helps airports improve the passenger flow through the airport. Our ABCGates are a good example of how we have worked with airports across Italy to provide ease-of-use while supporting the country’s ability to manage its borders, keeping them safe and secure.”

In 2016, Bologna launched “One Touch BLQ” a new digital infrastructure that allows passengers to access content about the airport on their smart devices.

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