QANTAS launches Facebook Messenger chatbot

The bot will evolve to become more personalised and user-friendly based on past conversations

Qantas is the latest airline to launched a chatbot. Called Qantas Concierge Bot, it uses Facebook Messenger to give passengers personalised travel inspiration.

Through Qantas Concierge passengers can access sale information and destination inspiration in line with their interests, whether that be beach destinations or accommodation around the world.

Qantas passengers can already use Facebook Messenger to talk with customer services about bookings and flight information, receiving tailored responses to their queries.

Like the other chatbots, the one from Qantas will learn from passenger interactions and conversations. The chatbot uses Artificial Intelligence and will become more user friendly and effective over time, making it an increasingly powerful customer service tool for the airline.

To use it, passengers search for Qantas in Messenger. They can choose to chat with someone from Customer Support or can start talking to the bot.

Throughout 2017 Qantas plans to grow the chatbots capability to offer more services including operational notifications such as itineraries, flight and gate change updates and boarding passes.

Qantas Concierge will ultimately become another support channel for passengers complementing the airlines suite of call centres and social media response teams.

Qantas is the latest airline or airport to introduce a chatbot. Others include:

In November 2016, Qantas launched a new virtual reality app – Qantas VR – giving passengers an interactive new way to discover and explore destinations before physically travelling there.

N.B. Image credit: Qantas

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