Helsinki passengers now go from aircraft to terminal on Finland-themed buses

Three Finish themes - sauna, Sibelius, Formula 1

Passengers at Helsinki Airport can now enjoy the trip between aircraft and terminal on various Finland-themed buses.

The themes are being introduced as Finland celebrates its hundred years of independence.

Three themes are being introduced to start with and more are coming throughout the year.

The airport’s first theme buses are Finnish national composer Jean Sibelius, Finnish sauna and Formula 1, all very dear to the Finns.

Sauna is a fundamental part of the Finnish identity and culture

No matter whom you ask about Finland, the answer almost always includes sauna. Sauna is such a fundamental part of the Finnish identity and culture that it had to be part of this theme bus concept.


Jean Sibelius is widely recognized as his country’s greatest composer and, through his music, is often credited with having helped Finland to develop a national identity during its struggle for independence from Russia.

Formula 1

Finns are a motor sports nation. Finnish Formula 1 and rally drivers have conquered the Monaco Grand Prix and rally roads of Sahara. Kimi Räikkönen and Mika Häkkinen are among the most famous Finns in the world. Thus, the Formula 1 bus has really earned its place among the theme buses.

Finavia airports will be having Finland 100 festivities throughout the year

Finland 100 anniversary is displayed at Finavia airports year-round.

Centenary celebrations began in January at Helsinki Airport with the opening of a new Arctic World of Santa Claus, a space that allows you to see and experience Finland in fifteen minute. It is also a display area for young Finnish artists and upcoming Finnish design brands.

Earlier this week a photography exhibition Flying Nature honoring Finnish nature photography was opened at Helsinki Airport. Near Independence Day departing passengers will get to participate in various festivities.

My Finland – Finland 100 years photo exhibition tours at Finavia’s airports around Finland. In addition, shops and restaurants at the airports will offer Piece of Finland products – traditional Finnish products, such as rye bread or salted liquorice.

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