Bergen Airport introduces queue management technology

Uses Blip Track to predict where and how long queues will be

Bergen Airport has implemented queue management technology to help the airport predict where and how long queues will be.

The Norwegian airport has introduced BlipTrack queue management technology from BLIP Systems. The solution enables the operator to accurately measure and predict how many people are to accurately measure and predict how many people are standing in line and for how long at various points throughout the airport.

The detailed, minute-by-minute measurements and prediction insights will help the airport to better comply with service level agreements and minimise queue build-up in.

BlipTrack will provide the airport with both live and empirical data on passenger queue and dwell times. It will enable the airport to monitor queues at the security checkpoint, allowing management to respond promptly to irregular operations and disruptions, for example by opening additional lines.

At some point Bergen Airport will actually share the data with passengers to help them make decisions for themselves.

Bergen Airport is operated by the state-owned Avinor and is Norway’s second busiest with over 6 million passengers annually.

Øystein Skaar, Airport Director at Bergen Airport:

“We want to make travelling easier for our passengers. The implementation of BlipTrack will help to ensure that passengers experience a quick and easy passage through this stage of the journey, and significantly increase the opportunity for a positive experience throughout the airport.”

Preben Andersen, Sales Manager at BLIP Systems:

“With the new installation at Bergen Airport, BlipTrack has proven to be an effective platform to provide visibility on resource effectiveness for greater processing efficiency and improved passenger experience. We look forward to continuing to be part of Avinor ‘s ongoing plan in having Europe’s most progressive and service-minded airports.”


More than 25 international airports are using the BlipTrack technology, including:

N.B. Image credit: Bergen Airport

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