Oslo and Stavanger to install passenger tracking

Passengers at Oslo will get accurate wait times at different point on the airport journey

Oslo and Stavanger Airports are implementing queue management technology to provide passengers with accurate wait times.

Like many airports, they are seeing increased passenger numbers and facing terminal capacity restrictions. So the operator, Avinor, is implementing the new system to provide information on passenger queue and dwell times.

The airports use the technology to monitor line density in real time, which allows management to respond to irregular operations and disruptions, for example by opening more lines.

Passengers can get live wait time on airport screens and through a mobile app. As the information is continuously updated, it helps passengers to plan by creating realistic expectations of wait times.

The solution works by using sensors that detect mobiles devices, such as smartphones and tablets. By identifying the devices at multiple sensors, specific and accurate statistical information, such as travel times, dwell times and movement patterns become available, without interaction from the passengers.

The system, called BlipTrack, comes from Danish company Blip. It is used in more than 25 international airports, including Billund, Birmingham, Bristol, Brussels, Edinburgh, San Diego, Keflavik, Amsterdam and JFK.

N.B. Image credit: BLIP Systems

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