Cairo International Airport to install new high speed passport readers

New readers from Gemalto will enable faster arrivals process

Cairo Airport is to install advanced document readers from Gemalto.

Africa’s second busiest airport, with some 15 million passengers a year, is installing the readers to enable faster border crossings for millions of passengers, whilst ensuring rigorous security checking of passports and other identity credentials.

With global air travel continuing to grow, authorities are under intense pressure to reduce queues at border control and strengthen protection against threats such as illegal immigration.

Addressing both of these challenges, the Gemalto document reader AT9000 MK2 rapidly authenticates ICAO-compliant passports as well as other official documents such ID cards, visas and driver’s licenses.  A simple scanning of documents at virtually any orientation enables quick operation by staff.

The reader automatically detects and checks document security features, including those visible under UV and IR light. Anti-glare technology minimizes the interference that can be caused by materials such as shiny laminates.

Magdy Ishak, Chairman of Cairo Airport Co.:

“Cairo International Airport is Egypt’s most important gateway for business visitors, tourists and citizens returning home.

“Investment in Gemalto’s highly efficient document readers demonstrates our commitment to both enhancing the traveler experience and protecting Egypt against ID fr​aud.”

Mohamad Eit, Regional Manager for Identity Management System in Middle East for Gemalto:

“Border control is an important first impression that a country makes on its overseas visitors.

“The automated document readers will put Cairo International airport at the leading edge of fast, accurate authentication of travel documents, helping authorities strike the right balance between a warm welcome for legitimate passengers and water-tight defense against security threats.”

N.B. Image credit: Cairo International Airport

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