Malta Airport trials initiatives to help autistic passengers

Lights terminal facade to mark World Autism Awareness week

Malta International Airport has lit up its terminal facade blue to mark World Autism Awareness week. The airport is also launching a trial which includes a series of initiatives aimed at easing the way to the aircraft for autistic individuals.

Passengers with autistic children and autistic adults can now fill in a form on the airport website before their trip to say if the will be needing assistance travelling through the airport.

A distinctive identifier provided by the airport may also be worn. This shows airport staff that a passenger may need more time to process information and additional help with check-in and security.

The airport has also designated different areas within the terminal as quiet spaces, providing a calming environment away from the airport buzz. This allows these passengers to wait in a more pleasant area until it is time for the next part of their journey.

In collaboration with The Inspire Foundation, Malta International Airport will be organising sensitivity training sessions for its mainline staff. The aim is to furnish them with a basic understanding of the condition and practical guidance about how to best interact with autistic individuals.

The airport has also launched a dedicated website page providing information about its services.

Malta  Airport is the only airport in Malta. It is 5 km (3.1 mi) southwest of the Maltese capital Valletta. It has over 6 million passengers a year.

N.B. Image credit: Malta International Airport

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