British Airways reopens some Heathrow T5 lounges

Opens Galleries First, Galleries South Club and Arrivals lounges at Heathrow, Terminal 5

British Airways has reopened the Galleries First, Galleries South Club and Arrivals lounges at Heathrow, Terminal 5.

Until more lounges open all passengers eligible for lounge access will be able to use the First lounges.

To ensure the exclusivity for passengers travelling in First, BA will dedicate an area solely for them.

More lounges are opening in July and August as the airline hopes that business travel increases.

Health and well-being

The airline has introduced a number of measures to ensure the health, well-being and safety of passengers and staff. These include safe distance markers and sanitising stations throughout the lounge.

BA says the bathroom and shower facilities will be meticulously cleaned after each use. Never had a doubt about the many showers taken in BA lounges worldwide until now. But it’s nice to hear the emphasis at this special time.

To help with cleaning and social measures, passengers will get a card when they enter the lounge.

It works a bit like a referee card in football, But has red and blue sides instead of red and yellow. When a passenger leaves the seat they put the card there to show lounge staff what to do. Red side up means ‘I’m coming back’, blue side up means it can be sanitised.

Food and drink

Passengers have to order food and drink online through a service called ‘Your Menu’. Once it’s been submitted, the food will be brought directly to them at their table or seat.

Contactless entry

BA will be trialling a contactless entry method to the lounges. Passengers will scan their boarding pass when entering the lounge. This will reduce unnecessary contact with staff.

N.B. Image credit: British Airways

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