Seattle-Tacoma trials virtual queuing for TSA lines and touchless check-in

Seattle-Tacoma International (SEA) is trialling two new systems to improve the passenger experience and help keep passengers safe.

  • SEA Spot Saver – passengers book a time to be at the TSA general screening security checkpoints
  • happyhover – passengers check in and drop baggage at self-service kiosks without touching the screen

SEA Spot Saver – virtual queuing for TSA checkpoint

SEA is to trial a “virtual queuing” system as a solution for crowded screening. Called SEA Spot Saver, it is a free, reservation-based system for TSA general screening security checkpoints. The pilot program will test if SEA Spot Saver reduces wait times and crowding.

The pilot will operate daily through August 31, 2021 at Checkpoints 2 and 5. It runs run from 4 a.m. to noon to reduce congestion during SEA’s peak morning travel period.

SEA Spot Saver is free for all general screening passengers who are traveling without a trusted traveler program. It allows passengers to arrive at the airport and experience contact-free, expedited screening without an extra cost, membership, or account.

Passengers can book their slot online or when they get to the airport.

happyhover – touchless check-in

SEA is also trialling happyhover, where a passenger’s fingers are detected above an electronic screen. This means that passengers don’t need to touch the screen. It is being tried on common-use (CUSS) check-in kiosks available to various airline passengers, including jetBlue, Spirit Airlines, Korean Air, Volaris, Air Canada, and Frontier.


There are two SEA Spot Saver trials:

  • One for Alaska Airlines passengers at TSA Checkpoint 5 with Pangiam, and powered by Whyline and Copenhagen Optimization.
  • One for Delta Air Lines and all other passengers at TSA Checkpoint 2, by VHT.

happyhover is from Singapore-based happymeter.

N.B. Image credit: Seattle-Tacoma Airport

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