Passengers at Phoenix Sky Harbor can use Apple Wallet for ID at security

TSA enables Arizona residents to use mobile driver’s license or state ID for verification

Passengers flying out of Phoenix Sky Harbor can now use their Apple device at security instead of a physical ID.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has deployed a new technology that allows airline passengers to use their iPhone or Apple Watch to verify their identity for security screening.

Passengers add their license or ID to Apple Wallet and tap their iPhone or Apple Watch at the TSA’s Credential Authentication Technology reader. The TSA security officer will then verify the passenger’s identity and flight status.

The details in Apple Wallet are encrypted and transmitted digitally. There is no need for passengers to show or hand over a physical ID.

All passengers must carry their physical driver’s license or ID card, or other acceptable ID listed on the TSA website. The TSA officer may require the physical ID to complete verification.

The new facility is available for passengers departing Phoenix Sky Harbor who have a driver’s license or state ID issued by the State of Arizona.

Only passengers with TSA PreCheck added to their boarding pass will be eligible at this time, with the capability to roll out to other passengers soon.

From there, the passenger’s profile information is presented digitally through encrypted communication directly between their device and the airport’s identity reader.

How it works

Passengers are shown required TSA information [image: Apple]

Passengers add their digital ID to Apple Wallet. To add an ID to the Wallet, passengers scan their ID, front and back, and take a selfie. The scanned ID and the selfie are sent to the relevant state for verification.

They tap their iPhone or Apple Watch on an ID reader at a participating airport security checkpoint.

On their iPhone or Apple Watch, passengers are shown which information is requested by the TSA.

Passengers consent through Face or Touch ID.

The TSA will also capture a picture of the passenger for verification purposes. 

David Pekoske, TSA Administrator:

“We expect PHX to be the first of many airports this year to feature this innovation as TSA continues to enable a more efficient checkpoint experience for passengers.”

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