VIVA Air offers check-in via WhatsApp

Colombian low cost carrier, VIVA Air, has introduced a new service that helps passenger self-manage their trip.

Called Waffles, the new self-service tool allows passengers to buy tickets, check-in and get information using WhatsApp.

The airline says the ‘Waffles’ service, which is supported by Artificial Intelligence, improves as it interacts with passengers.

The service is aimed at passengers with limited access to the Internet and the airline expects 30% of its passengers to be using Waffles by the end of 2022.

Passengers can also switch to talking with a Call Center agent at any time.

Félix Antelo, CEO of Grupo Viva:

“At Viva we are aware that there are different types of travelers, so we offer them close solutions that are in line with their expectations. For the ‘Super Low Cost’ model, efficiency is one of the strategic pillars, which is why we always analyze how to make the processes easier for travelers. Launches like this bring us closer to people and, based on that, we can build favorable experiences for everyone.”

VIVA Air’s mascot is a splendid golden retriever called Waffles

The Waffles name

Airlines are well known for waffling about conditions or reasons for bad service etc.

But we know that a golden retriever is one of the most sensible creatures there is. Might enjoy waffles. But we don’t expect Waffles to waffle too much.

But did the airline look at the meaning of Waffles in English?

N.B. Image credit: VIVA Air

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