Zurich Airport now has self bag drops

10 kiosks for Lufthansa Group at Check-in 2

Passengers flying from Zurich Airport with airlines in the Lufthansa Group can now use self bag drops.

Ten new self bag drops are available in row 5 of check-in area 2 to passengers flying with:

  • Edelweis
  • Lufthansa
  • Austrian

More airlines will be added to the service in the coming months.

To use the kiosks, passengers have to check-in and receive their boarding pass before going to the airport.

At the self bag drops they print and attach bag tags and put their bags into the airport baggage system.

From the start of April Lufthansa Group passengers can use ten more self bag drops at Check-in 3.

Passengers can drop their bags at the new kiosks from 23 hours before their flight during the opening hours (04:00 – 21:45). That means they can even drop the bag off the day before the flight making the journey through the airport on departure day a bit easier.

How it works

To be able to use the self bag drop, passengers must have checked in online with their respective airline in advance and received their boarding pass. At the self bag drop, they do three things:

  • scan their boarding pass at the kiosk
  • put the bags on the baggage belt.
  • attach the bag tags to the bags
Passengers scan their boarding pass at the kiosk [Image: Zurich Airport]

Then put the bags on the baggage belt. This will check the weight and size of the bag. If all is OK, the kiosk prints the bag tag and the passenger attaches the tag to their bag.

The kiosk prints the tag ready for the passenger to attach to their bag [Image: Zurich Airport]

The conveyor belt then transports the baggage to the airport’s baggage sorting system.


The airport doesn’t say who the supplier is of the self bag drops. But it looks like they are from German company Materna. And the video on the airport’s website has a bagtag coming out of the kiosk with the airline ‘Materna ips’.

Materna already supplies self bag drops to Lufthansa at Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich. The company also supplies self bag drop at Vienna Airport.

N.B. Image credit: Zurich Airport

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