New all-electric aircraft makes first test flight

Seats up to 9 passengers

Eviation Aircraft, an Israeli manufacturer of all-electric aircraft, successfully completed the first flight of its zero-emission Alice aircraft.

The all-electric aircraft made an eight minute flight and reached an altitude of 3,500 feet before landing back at its take off point at Grant County International Airport (MWH), east of Seattle.

The company says the Alice is the world’s first “clean-sheet design” all-electric passenger plane.

Propulsion for the aircraft is by two magni650 electric propulsion units from Washington-based magniX.

Eviation says the aircraft produces no carbon emissions, significantly reduces noise, and costs a fraction to operate per flight hour compared to light jets or high-end turboprops.

Available in three variants, including a nine-passenger commuter, a six-passenger executive cabin, the Alice is targeted at commuter travel and will typically operate flights ranging from 150 miles to 250 miles.

The company already has orders. Cape Air and Global Crossing Airlines, both US-based regional airlines, have placed orders for 75 and 50 Alice aircraft respectively.

Harbour Air made first all-electric flight

Harbour Air’s De Havilland Beaver makes the first all-electric flight

The Alice is not the first all-electric aircraft to carry out a successful test flight.

Harbour Air did that on 18 August 2022, making the first point-to-point flight with its modified, all-electric De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver.

The all-electric aircraft flew 45 miles in 24 minutes from Fraser River adjacent to Vancouver International (YVR) and landed in Pat Bay adjacent to Victoria International (YYJ).

Harbour Air is also working with magniX as it moves to being an all-electric airline. Their plan is to turn their existing aircraft into electric ones.

Due to the smaller size of their single-engine aircraft (carrying between 6 to 19 passengers) and the short average length of their routes (most are around 30 min or less) Harbour Air can actually utilize today’s technology to fly with fully electric power.

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