J-AIR offers free IFEC on regional aircraft in Japan

Introducing 2Ku system on all 14 E190s.

Japanese regional carrier J-Air is installing free inflight connectivity on some aircraft.

The wholly owned subsidiary of Japan Airlines is introducing the 2Ku system from Intelsat on all of its 14 Embraer E190s.

The service is already available on one E190 and the airline is installing it on 13 additional aircraft by autumn 2024.

By adding 2Ku, this will make J-AIR the first regional airline in Japan to offer inflight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) services, as well as the first E190 aircraft equipped globally with the Intelsat 2Ku system.

J-AIR also has a fleet of Embraer E170s but they will not be getting the service.

The airline has been offering free wireless  entertainment since 2016.

Keisuke Suzuki, SVP, Customer Experience of Japan Airlines:

“We have worked closely with Intelsat to deliver the best connectivity experience on Japan Airlines and the JAL group fleet.

“Intelsat’s capable and reliable 2Ku system will provide miles of entertainment to our customers making J-AIR the first regional aircraft offering the IFC services in Japan.”


The 2Ku system is the flagship solution for IFEC from Intelsat. The Virginia based company took over Gogo in 2020 and inherited the 2Ku system developed by Gogo.

Dave Bijur, senior vice president of Commercial for Intelsat Commercial Aviation:

“At Intelsat, our mission is to provide quality, reliable connectivity for work and entertainment which is essential for airline partners and passengers alike.

“While having wireless entertainment was an excellent first step, J-AIR sees the importance of connectivity as well. Adding 2Ku will enable the same free inflight internet experience they have had since 2017 on the larger jets.

“For Intelsat, this is a great showcase for other E190 operators around the world who want to offer a free service to all their passengers.”

About J-AIR

J-AIR is a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan Airlines. Based in Osaka, J-AIR flies regional routes within Japan.

Routes: J-AIR’s main base is Osaka Itami. From there, it flies to about 20 routes within Japan.

The airline has smaller bases at Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Sapporo (New Chitose) and Tokyo Haneda.

Fleet: The airline has an all Embraer fleet, comprising:

  • 14 Embraer E190
  • 18 Embraer E170

Alliance: oneworld (affiliate member)

N.B. Image credit: J-AIR

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