SWISS offers free internet chat on all its long-haul flights

Chat is free, but surfing costs

SWISS passengers will be able to use internet chat such as WhatsApp for free on all long-haul flights from 02 August 2023.

Passengers in all classes will be able to access the free chat services on all their devices for the entire flight and with no data limits.

BUT, if passengers want to use the internet for surfing, emailing and the rest … they have to pay.

Free internet chat

The new facility allows passengers in all classes to send and receive free text and picture messages via their smartphone, laptop or tablet throughout their flight.

The facility offers access to all the most popular chat and messenger services such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

Passengers can pay for full internet access – but no video streaming

Prices for the SWISS Wi-Fi packages [Image: SWISS]

Passengers can also pay to use the internet to surf, send and receive emails etc.

There are two price options:

  • ‘Wi-Fi 4 Hours’ – 4 hours access for CHF 25 (about USD 29, UKL 22, EUR 26)
  • ‘Wi-Fi Premium’ – full flight access for CHF 35 (about USD 40, UKL 31, EUR 36)

Passengers in First Class and HON Circle Members enjoy unlimited internet access throughout the flight.

Unlimited data volumes

All the new services – the free chat option and the paid for Wi-Fi 4 Hours and Wi-Fi Premium packages – offer unlimited data volumes.

Video streaming services will be deactivated, to ensure that adequate bandwidth is simultaneously available for as many passengers as possible.

Videos on social media platforms will be playable and audio streaming, cloud services and VPN services will all be offered.

All passengers will also be able to read the digital SWISS Magazine on their device at any time, even without activated internet access.

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