AMADEUS check-in system has more major outages

Airlines including QANTAS had to do manual check-in and issue hand written boarding passes

The giant airline IT provider Amadeus has had yet another major failure with its check-in system.

Airlines including QANTAS have been hit again by major outages in the check-in system run by the giant IT provider Amadeus.

Last January, an hour-long Amadeus outage affected thousands of Qantas passengers across Australia. The outage caused many delays system wide.

It has now happened again.

It meant that passengers had to be manually checked-in and be issued with hand written boarding passes.

Self-service kiosks were unable to read barcodes or frequent flyer cards and unable to print boarding in most cases.

Passengers with luggage were moved to later flights.

A QANTAS  spokeswoman confirmed that all airports servicing Qantas flights were affected.

Amadeus has so far not commented.

Last August, Amadeus’ global chief executive officer David Jones said it had “reached an agreement” with QANTAS over outages in November 2009 and January 2010.