New baggage delivery service launched by United

United has launched a baggage delivery service, enabling passengers to have their checked bags delivered directly to their US destination.

United sells home baggage deliveryA baggage delivery service has been launched by United Airlines, enabling passengers to have their checked bags delivered directly to their final destination, be it home, hotel etc – within 100 miles of their arrival airports – and skip baggage claim upon arrival.

American Airlines unveiled a partnership with BagsVIP last August.

Baggage delivery by BagsVIP will initially be available to customers departing from any US domestic airport and arriving in Boston, Chicago, Honolulu, Houston, Los Angeles and Orlando. The airline plans to expand the service to more than 190 Us airports in the coming months.

For a standard rate of $29.95, one bag will be shuttled from the airport to a destination within 40 miles, the company said. Bags can be delivered within 100 miles of the arrival airport at higher rates.

How baggage delivery works:

  1. The passenger books with United, and is taken to an outside site to make the baggage delivery reservation.
  2. At the airport the bags are checked as normal and any checked baggage charges are paid to United. The bag tags will be encoded with the baggage delivery information.
  3. BagsVIP will deliver the baggage to the designated location within four to six hours after the arrival of  the flight, depending on the location’s distance from the airport.

Why use baggage delivery?

The main benefits of using this baggage delivery service are:

  • the passenger does not have to wait for the baggage
  • the passenger does not have to transport the baggage thru the airport and onwards
  • if the baggage is delayed the passenger does not have to endure the wait and the procedures

The trouble with …

It is not clear how the following will work:

  • self tagging
  • permanent tagging
  • self bag drop
  • lost or delayed bags
  • insurance for lost or damaged bags