Common use bag drop installed at Edinburgh for easyjet and Flybe

Common use bag drop has been introduced at Edinburgh, Scotland's busiest airport, by easyJet and Flybe.

Common use bag drop has been introduced at Edinburgh, Scotland’s busiest airport.

The machines operated by easyJet and Flybe, with staff members from their handling agent Menzies taking on the day-to-day running of the kiosks.

The system uses the 2-step method, meaning that passengers check-in and print the boarding pass online or at a self-service kiosk and then do all baggage things like tagging, excess charges and bag drop separately.

Passengers start the baggage process by scanning scan their boarding pass. The machine will automatically assign the baggage to the passenger’s airline and ask for the bag to be placed on the belt in order to be weighed.

Built in chip and pin card machines will enable passengers to pay for overweight baggage if necessary. Their luggage tag will then be printed which the passenger can attach themselves before their baggage is dispatched through the main system to the waiting aircraft. A member of staff will be on hand at all times to ensure passengers have no issues.

The installation is by P5T, currently the largest supplier of Self-Service Bag Drop in Europe, by operational installations.

Press release from Edinburgh Airport.